Basic Package
Coverage of the event/session (e.g., wedding, fashion shoot, corporate event) for a specified duration.
One professional photographer/videographer capturing footage.
Basic editing and post-production, including color correction and audio enhancement.
Final video delivered in a digital format (e.g., MP4) with a standard resolution.
No additional extras or add-ons included.
Standard Package
Extended coverage of the event/session for a longer duration.
Two professional photographers/videographers for enhanced coverage and multiple angles.
Advanced editing and post-production techniques, including transitions, titles, and basic effects.
Color grading and audio mixing for a polished final product.
Final video delivered in a high-definition (HD) digital format.
Optional add-ons may be available, such as drone footage, additional camera operators, or extra hours of coverage.
Premium Package
Comprehensive coverage of the event/session, including pre-event preparations and post-event highlights.
A team of experienced photographers/videographers and assistants for extensive coverage and creative shots.
Cinematic editing and post-production, with advanced effects, motion graphics, and storytelling techniques.
Professional color grading and audio mastering for a cinematic and immersive experience.
Final video delivered in ultra-high-definition (UHD) or 4K resolution.
Customizable add-ons, such as aerial footage, multiple camera operators, teaser trailers, and extended highlight reels.
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